How Often Should You Mop Your Floors?

Lydia Warren / April 22, 2018

It requires ongoing effort to keep your floors clean. No matter how much effort you put in to keep them clean, they will still get dirty. So, it’s a good idea to mop on a daily basis.

How Often Should you mop your house?

You should mop more frequently in high-traffic areas. This includes hallways, bathrooms, kitchen, and entrance. Make sure you mop these areas at least once in 7 days.


If you have pets like dogs, make sure you mop more frequently in order to remove paw prints. The same goes if you have naughty kids.

Steps to Mop Your Floors

First of all, you need to have the right tools, and the first thing you need is a strip mop or sponge. Other things that should be on your list are a scrub pad, rubber gloves, a bucket and a mild cleanser. Once you have collected these things, you should follow the steps given below:

  1.    Vacuum or sweep the area to get rid of big particles
  2.    Before mopping, you should wipe up the wet areas like muddy footprints.
  3.    Mix a little bit of cleaner in a bucket full of lukewarm water.
  4.    Dip the mop in the water and bring it out. Make sure the mop is not too wet. The idea is to dry the areas quickly.
  5.    Start at the wall and use back and forth movements. Make sure you cover each area at least twice.
  6.    For cleaning scuff marks, you may want to try a nylon pad.
  7.    You may want to rinse the mop frequently for proper mopping.
  8.    While you are cleaning, you can get fresh water if the existing water becomes too dirty. After all, you don’t want to put all that dirt back on the floor.
  9.    Lastly, you should use clean water to mop once again. This time you should use detergent for the removal of any residue.

So, make sure you follow these 9 steps to mop your floors properly.

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