Commercial Cleaning: 8 Tips on Commercial Cleaning

You spend most of your day in the office. It really should be clean and hygienic just like your home is. This would ensure that you have protection from all sorts of bacteria, germs, and infections. Of course, your health is the main factor in keeping a clean office, however, it speaks volumes for your business image too.

Your visiting clients are sure to be impressed if they are greeted by a clean office environment, so it really is a win-win situation.

To a lot of workers, the office is their second home. No one wants to live in a home that feels cluttered and germ-ridden so the same can be said for the office.

Workers can feel demotivated and even undervalued if this is the case. Clients can also get the wrong impression about the business.

Commercial cleaning is different than the techniques that we use at home.

If your employees’ health is a primary concern, you really should look into having a professional cleaning service. Below you will find office cleaning tips that will help your office space to be clean and fresh.

employees in office enviroment

1. Keep Everything Organized

Clean offices are not ridden with clutter. Make sure that workstations and desks are always well arranged. Do not have a messy pile where things get stacked up. Have racks to organize everything or use a shelf. This will maintain a happy work mood and also make a good impression with clients.

2. Have And Stick To A Cleaning Checklist

It is always easy to miss tasks when cleaning an office. When you have a cleaning checklist it means that everyone knows what they are responsible for and when they need to do it. You can keep a note of what has already been done and the tasks that are upcoming. In the same way, an office cleaning checklist can be compiled. List the spaces that need to be covered. For instance, start with the reception area then move on to workstations, restrooms, and so forth.

Set a designated day for each one and then ensure that cleaning staff stick to the schedule.

3. Ensure Carpets Are Thoroughly Cleaned

Carpets take a lot of traffic with people walking over them day in and day out – this means they need a thorough cleaning at least once a week. It is best to plan this for over the weekend so that it is not affected by client or worker movement. You definitely need to vacuum the carpets and then you could try Water Extraction Carpet Cleaner solution to give them a deeper clean. If you need professional carpet cleaning, we can help.

4. Set Up A Green-Clean Policy

When you are taking part in commercial cleaning, always employ a green-clean policy. By this, we mean to only use biodegradable cleaning products. A misunderstanding exists that Eco-friendly products do not clean as well as their chemical-based counterparts. The reality is far from this myth.

To ensure that the environment is safe, many of the leading cleaning companies such as Toronto’s Evergreen Commercial Cleaning Service use non-toxic cleaning products. You should make the move towards being more environmentally conscious as well, considering options such as baking soda, vinegar, and water. You can make the solution up yourself and give it to your cleaning staff to use.

5. Only Use The Latest Cleaning Equipment

Since you are a business owner it is crucial to keep your cleaning staff updated with the most recent cleaning equipment. Good results come from investing in good quality cleaning technologies such as vacuums, mops, carpet cleaners, and so forth. This will make life much easier for your cleaning team and also ensure that a safe working environment is created thanks to a more professional clean.

6. Give Priority To Desk Cleaning

commercial cleaning desktops

Workers need to keep their desks clear of papers, folders, and the likes. This allows the desk to be free for cleaning. Employ a clear desk policy in the office to aid with this.

7. All Computers And Keyboards Should Be Wiped Clean

These pieces of equipment are frequently used and are like magnets for germs. People who work at a computer all day are prone to catch hand-to-mouth infections. Having a strict cleaning schedule will go a long way in boosting productivity in the office.

Having a soft cloth and cleaning solution in your drawer will motivate you to clean these regularly throughout the day.

8. Give Attention To Bathroom Sanitation

It is vital to keep bathrooms clean. These spaces are high-traffic areas. With this in mind, daily cleaning is essential. If you do not have a regular cleaning routine your restrooms can become breeding grounds for all sorts of infections and germs.

It is not just about them being clean but also about them being sanitized every day, even every few hours, that really counts when it comes to a healthy and productive environment for workers. Make sure that you have a cleaning schedule for all the restrooms on the premises and ensure that the cleaning team follows it. As well as this, make sure that taps, doorknobs, and washbasins are also cleaned. These steps can go a long way in preventing workers from getting sick.

A clean office can mean a motivated and productive team. It also means that clients get a good impression of the company. When deciding on how to ensure the office is a well-maintained clean environment, it is worth considering whether enlisting the services of a professional cleaning company would be worthwhile.