Steps to Prepare Your Home for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is an important part of your home décor; however, it does require occasional cleaning. And, while some people attempt to do this on their own, it’s a much better choice to hire a carpet cleaning service.

But, did you know that you have to prepare your carpet for cleaning before it looks new again? Cleaning your carpets isn’t only a great way to remove stains but a fantastic solution to improve the smell of your home. That’s why we have prepared a couple of tips and tricks you will find helpful.

Start with vacuuming

If you are wondering how to prepare for carpet cleaning, start with vacuuming. On the other hand, not every cleaning service will require a vacuuming; however, it’s always a good idea to start with a clean slate.

Not only for this purpose, but generally, you should have one of the best vacuums, especially if you have pets or small kids. Once you remove the top layer of dust and dirt, it will allow carpet cleaners to penetrate deeper into the carpet’s fabric.

Clothing Bags
Clothing Bags

Remove full-length drapes

Every home has at least one form of drapes, and if you have full-length ones, make sure to toss them over the rod; otherwise, they will get affected by the cleaners’ solution. Usually, professionals tend to clean carpets on the spot, and they won’t move anything. If your drapes get in their way, they might get ruined.

Declutter as much as you can

How do you expect to clean carpets if cleaners can’t get to them? That’s why it’s much easier to tidy up your space and leave them to work their magic. For example, any clutter, bags, or shoes need to be taken out of the way.

In some cases, professionals won’t be allowed to move the furniture themselves, so make sure to remove any bulky furniture out of the room. Also, if you remove the items, you will ensure they stay safe and not damaged during this process.

Protect your walls

If you are hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to do the work for you, you should consider protecting your walls. Be aware that carpet cleaners can be pretty big and bulky, with large hoses. So, sometimes hose can leave ugly black marks. That’s why it’s important to protect that area with painter’s tape.

The same problems can appear near corners, doorways, and baseboards. On the other hand, if you are cleaning a carpet on your own, be extra careful with corners, the legs of furniture, and the base of stairways. Foam padding is an excellent way to shield baseboards and edges.

Take care of your pets

When preparing for carpet cleaning, taking your pets out is another way to allow professionals to work freely. While little friends can be cute, their fur and hair can get all over the place, especially if there is a dump carpet nearby.

When professionals come, take your pets to another room or out of the house so they aren’t frightened by newcomers. Also, noise and beeping from carpet cleaning machines may affect their wellbeing.

Ensure parking space

You should move cars out of nearby parking spots or clear your driveway to ensure carpets cleaning professionals have enough room to park their vehicle. Also, when they are parked near the house, it’s easier for them to use or load the equipment.

Create a list

While you are waiting for carpet cleaners to arrive, you can inventory the biggest stains on the carpet and try to remember what caused them. Also, relay this information to your carpet cleaners. It will make a significant difference in cleaning. Basically, you will save them a lot of time, and they will know what solution to use to remove the stain.

Pay attention to delicate items

Even though we already mentioned that you need to clear one portion of your home before carpet cleaning professionals come, we don’t believe we mentioned anything about delicate items. For example, if you have wobbly lamps, a collection of paintings, heirlooms, or anything breakable on display, don’t take the chance that it can be accidentally knocked down and broken during best way carpet cleaning.